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US Institutions Presuppose a Supreme Being?

So here I am, sitting at work on this fine Thursday morning. I kick off some database imports, nod off for a bit (didn’t sleep enough last night, Helvetebrann’s and my new puppy saw to that), play with my phone, etc. I then began to play with a few pennies that have been lying around my desk for the past few days, and I pick one up to examine it.

There on the front, across the top “In God We Trust”.

A little frustrated, I do some quick reading online, see if there is any progress on getting this removed from our money. On the contrary, unfortunately, I come across this quote, strait from a Supreme Court decision Zorach v. Clauson:

"We are a religious people whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being."

Excuse me? What in particular about our institutions here in the US of A “presuppose a Supreme Being”?

How do you feel about this? Is the decision correct in its assertion of what our institutions presuppose?

Source for quote:

Republicans: Bigots, Ignorant, or incorrectly registered.

From the 2008 official republican party platform (the most recent official) :

"Because our children’s future is best preserved within the traditional understanding of marriage, we call for a constitutional amendment that fully protects marriage as a union of a man and a woman so that judges can not make other arrangements equivalent to it."

This can mean 1 of 3 things:

Case 1) You actually feel that way
Case 2) You didn’t even read your party’s platform
Case 3) You only agree with some of the party’s principles

To those I say:

Case 1) You are knowingly barring people of rights. That makes you a bigot.
Case 2) You are ignorant.
Case 3) You should register independent

pathos-logos-ethos asked: I saw your response to the question via Helvetebrann and decided to check out your page and I have to say I love the subheading for the page. Nice to know that there are more of us out there.


And yes, as for the subtitle, there are a lot of us if I had to guess. The problem is we get our own dose of media pressure in a similar fashion to women. (of course rather then “be thin” the message is “get buff, don’t cry, and become an action hero”.

Helvetebrann can attest to how this has affected me over the years. I often lament my IT career, wishing I was a Cop or Firefighter. Chances are, these desires are the result of my wanting to be a ‘hero’ and stay in shape.

I am quite glad to see your response, as I hope if my Blog has any affect at all, its to let other Men know that yes, it is OK to show your feelings, cry if necessary, be self-conscious about your body, and even enjoy Phantom of the Opera, regardless of your sexual preference.

It wants to come up here, but I’ve been praying every day it don’t, Bowles told CNN affiliate WMC Monday.

First off, floods don’t want anything as they cannot think. Secondly, this person should try something useful, instead of prayer. (Like, oh I don’t know, evacuating with their three children…)

"Mary either had a miracle virgin birth, or was a scared wife who cheated on her husband and would be killed for the truth. Which would you believe today if your wife came to you with the same claim?"

Work Ethic

Monday is probably a fitting time to post this. I have been debating internally with myself lately about what makes good work ethic, especially when comparing hours worked, productivity, flexibility, and genuine care for the outcome of ones job.

These thoughts were sparked due to my own job. I work for a high-powered I.T. consulting firm (we’ll leave names out of this so I don’t violate some HR policy), and I find a large number of employees in our company have an insane mentality when it comes to acceptable hours to work. Let me describe…

On my current project, we are in pre-production of a large web-app, attempting to go live later this year. A busy time, no doubt. But what number of hours is correct to be working and is that representative of work ethic? Let me explain further with an example comparing myself and 1 other employee:

Anilon: I try to work a 40-50 hour work week. Why? - Helvetebrann and I put a lot of time into our relationship, and that always comes first. Then I have video games, TV shows, this blog, taking care of the pets, and (currently) working through paperwork while buying a house. Does this mean I don’t care about my job? Absolutely not. I sincerely care about the project and all the effort I have / will put into it.

Employee #1: Works 80 hours a week minimum (not exagerating). Does little outside of work other than sleep and keep the basic functions of their life going.

So, out of the above two employees, who has better work ethic? Well, in the opinion I have developed after the last days of thought, I would say we have a similar work ethic. I think work ethic points to whether you take pride in your work, ownership of your responsibilities, and in general care about what you do and how you do it while at work.

Unfortunately, it seems a large number of people feel work ethic is directly related to work hours.

What are your thoughts? Am I lazy by not working 80 hours a week? Am I off in my definition of work ethic? What is your work ethic like and why?

Don’t look at me that way Mr. Scale! Ill workout tomorrow, tonight we have cake.

Don’t look at me that way Mr. Scale! Ill workout tomorrow, tonight we have cake.